10 Tips For Hiring An Impact Window Contractor

1. Verify Licensing And Look For Past Complaints

It is important to make sure that your provider has valid state licensing. Most companies post their licensing information on all marketing materials, including their websites. Verifying that your provider has a state license number, however, is not enough. You will also need to check this information with the issuing body to ensure that the license is current and that there have not been any recent legal issues or complaints in conjunction with the license within the past three years.

2. Check For Workers Compensation And General Liability Insurance

Hiring a company that has adequate insurance is vital for protecting your interests. Should a worker sustain any injuries while on your property, this coverage will ensure that you are not held legally and financially liable for the damages. While some businesses post copies of their insurance certificates on their web pages, it is important to receive these document from insurers instead. This will give you access to timely notifications of any lapses in coverage due to non-payment or other issues.

3. Choose A Contractor With Over 10 Years Of Experience

Companies that have been around for ten years or more are likely to have great relationships with the top supply companies, superior training practices for their employees and a better handle on how these projects should be managed. From start to finish, you are virtually guaranteed to get better results when working with professionals who have a considerable amount of history in this industry.

4. Make Sure They Have A Physical Address

Some homeowners make the mistake of handing over hefty deposits to companies that do not have land line telephones, physical addresses or other, common forms of contact information. Unfortunately, there are a number of fly-by-night operations in the impact window industry. A business that has a physical address, insurance and state licensing, is more than likely a legitimate and trustworthy operation.

5. Get No Fewer Than Five References

Looking at a company’s past projects will allow you to assess the artistry and skill that these professionals lend to their work. You should ask clients whether they were satisfied with the work process, whether or not there were any materials-related delays, if clean-up efforts were performed to their satisfaction and if warranty issues have been handled in a timely fashion.

6. Pick A Provider That Specializes In Your Project Type

Look for a company that focuses on impact windows sales & installation. This will give you access to a greater range of window options and ensure that your provider fully understands all of the nuances of working with these products.

7. Don’t Let Price Be Your Guide

Price should never be the sole factor that you consider. Most reputable and experienced companies in the area maintain fairly competitive rates. Companies that quote prices far below this are either cutting corners or have hidden costs. It is better to pay a reasonable price and get great returns on this investment than it is to save on the upfront costs and experience long-term problems.

8. Get It All In Writing

You should also look for companies that offer solid, work contracts. Your contract should include a break down of all labor and materials, including detailed materials specifications along with the costs for each of these things. It should also include a cohesive write-up of any warranties or satisfaction guarantees that the provider supplies.

9. Go With Your Gut

Always trust your instincts when hiring installers of this type. This is a major project and one that will likely require a considerable investment. Professionals offering rates that are far below the norm and those promising to get the job done in half the time should send up a few red flags.

10. Don’t Part With More Than 25% Up Front

When committing to services, avoid depositing large amounts up front. In fact, if your property is large and has lots of windows, talk to prospective providers about setting up retention payments. These will allow you to cover the job costs in manageable increments while inspecting and approving each phase of the project as it is completed.

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