How do Storm Windows Differ from the Impact Windows?

Consider the safety and security of your house from harsh weather conditions or strengthening its efficiency of energy. The two, i.e., storm windows and impact windows, provide antique outcomes. Additionally, understanding their unique features and choosing between different options can be challenging.

Both windows are different from one another due to their complex structure and resistance to the environment. The production cost of these windows and the variety of benefits they offer make them different.

Storm Windows

Storm windows are subordinate windows that can be placed on the inner and outer sides of the pre-installed window. They act like a defensive layer of shield against the harsh weather. Storm windows come in single-double glaze and even offer some space for insulation.  

Pros of Storm Windows

By installing storm windows in your house, you will get the following perks:

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Storm windows act as a barrier against the excessive heat coming from outside. Thus reducing the heat intensity and minimizing its energy cost.

Noise Reduction

Due to their extra protective layer, they can easily reduce noise pollution. Making the house interior quieter.

Affordable Option

In contrast to their actual prices. Storm windows are quite cheaper than their counterpart Impact windows.

Easy Installation and Removal

Having a unique and simple structure makes installing and uninstalling very easy.

Cons of Storm Windows

Following are the major .drawbacks of storm windows:

Limited Protection

They can easily protect your house against wind and rain. But unable to secure against the heavy flying objects during storms.

Aesthetic Concerns

In multiple scenarios, the house owner reported that storm’s windows do not appeal to them.


They require basic maintenance like cleaning, scrubbing, or whipping any excess water from the window surface.

Impact Windows

Impact windows are built and engineered so that they can easily resist the harshness of Mother Nature, i.e., hurricanes and storms. They are made up of multilayers of glass made of a precious material called polyvinyl butyral (PVB), which is tightly packed together. The inner bond of the layer is so strong that if a heavy object collides with it, It won’t shatter at once.

Pros of Impact Windows

Implementing impact windows can bring the following outcomes.

Superior Protection

These windows offer a high level of protection due to the inter-bonding of layers between them. They can easily sustain hurricanes and storms.

Enhanced Security

The thickness of the glass and its resistance properties do not allow anyone to break inside the house easily.

Noise Reduction

In contrast to storm windows. The impact windows offer the same level of noise reduction to reduce noise pollution inside the house.

UV Protection

The multilayer of impact windows enables them to block harmful UV rays. Thus securing your household items.

Cons of Impact Windows:

Following are the negative aspects of the impact windows:

Higher Cost

As they are made of expensive material, it is not affordable for everyone to install them.

Professional Installation Required

It is essential to hire a professional for the installation of the impact. So, there would be fewer chances of leakage or gaps and proper fitting.

Choosing the Suitable Option

If you live in an urban area, then go to the storm windows. They are budget-friendly and reduce the heat and noise coming from outside. On the other hand, if you are native to the countryside where hurricanes and storms occur frequently, then you must go for impact windows. They can easily resist these disasters and defend your house.

You must follow the advice of an expert. Due to his experience in his field, he will guide you better on whether you should go for storm or impact windows. According to your needs and wants in the area you live in.

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Yes, they can be easily installed in various places because of their portable design. While the rest of the windows require professional work.

Yes, they are largely available in different shapes, sizes, and structures. Can be easily fitted into sidling frames, they are easily available.

In some specific areas, houses with impact windows are eligible for discounts on their homeowners’s insurance premiums. Consult your insurance agent for further information.

They can be installed in pre-installed frames. But it is highly recommended to completely install new frames with windows for better performance and efficiency.

Look out for local resources like friends and family, etc. Check the internet for the best installers in your area. Movere, it is absolute that the company must be licensed and insured.


Both the windows provide distinct features for saving your home and overcoming its luxury and value. By realizing their nature, you can make a firm decision that supports your budget, priorities, and the level of security your home requires.

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