How to prevent mold on windows in winter

Mold can be easily formed during the winter season as the humidity level rises to its maximum due to closed windows, blocking the air flow of fresh air completely along with the temperature variation between inside and outside. The main objective of this article is to focus on the useful methods by which you can easily avoid mold on windows during the winter season.

In order to get rid of mold formation on windows in winter, make sure that the ventilation of air is proper inside the house. Clean up the moisture on the window, which can cause condensation and lead to mold. Also, you can slightly open the door and windows so that the temperature from inside to outside remains constant, thus avoiding mold.


What Causes Window Mold in Winter?

There are numerous factors that can cause mold on windows during winter.


It is the most common phenomenon during the winter, as the warm air collides with the cold air and condensation forms. When both the air came into contact with one another, it made moisture. This moisture provides a path for mold formation on the window.

Mold Spores

The fresh air naturally contains contaminants from mold spores. They develop in marshy places, for instance, places where water can seep easily, like the corner of the window or the weather strip of the window. These spores become strong and powerful when favorable conditions are provided.

Lack of Ventilation

When airflow around each and every corner of the house is not sufficient because of the temperature difference between inside and outside, moisture forms on the surface of the window. This moisture can easily be transformed into mold.

A window with mold

Common problem areas

The surface and surroundings where mood can form easily are:

Window Sills and Frames

Those areas where it is impossible to clean the window and are neglected during the cleaning process can form a large mold on the window and its frame structure. 

Corners of Windows

During condensation, the main surface of the window can be wiped off easily, but the corners are mistreated, so moisture develops in these corners, making them easily open to the environment to form mold. 

Around Weatherstripping

With the passage of time, weatherstripping around the corner of windows got worn and turned out. The water droplets can seep through easily, thus enabling the window to get mold on it.

window with lot of mold

Effective prevention strategies

Control Indoor Humidity

Humidity plays a vital role in the formation of mold. A useful product: A humidifier can be helpful to reduce the humidity level inside the house.

Increase Ventilation

The airflow around each and every corner of the building must be sufficient. This can be done by opening the windows and doors several times.

Insulate Windows

Install new weatherstripping around every corner of the window. Which helps to prevent water seeping into windows. On the other hand, you can use insulation film, which reduces heat.

Wipe Down Condensation

If fog is collected on the window before it seeps through, the stripping must be wiped off completely. In order to do this, use a clean microfiber cloth.

Use mold-resistant products

A large variety of anti-mold products are available on the market. Use paint and caulk around the window perimeters, which creates a defensive layer against mold.

Maintain a proper indoor temperature

The temperature inside the house must be maintained by using an exhaust fan or humidifier. This prevents moisture from forming on windows.

Inspect and repair leaks

You must check for leaks or damages inside the house that cause moisture. Fixing these leaks in time to avoid mold on windows.

How to Remove Mold from Windows

If mold is growing on the window and you want to get rid of it,. You need to follow the following precautions:

Wear protective gear

Use hand gloves and a face mask to protect yourself from open mold spores.

Clean the area

Use plenty of water along with detergent to wipe off the mold from the surface completely.

Use Mold-Specific Cleaner

Utilize a product that is specially designed for the mold to be cleaned and removed.

Dry the area

when the cleaning process is complete. Dry the surface quickly to prevent moisture from getting on it.

Consult a Professional

If mold is grown on a commercial scale, you must consult a mold repair expert before it’s too late.

Additional Tips

Some extra instructions to keep your windows mold-free are:

Monitor Humidity Levels

A person is cleaning mold from Window

A useful gadget or product hygrometer is used to keep the humidity level below 50% inside the house.

Moisture-Absorbing Products

Silica gel should be kept around the corners of the windows, which will absorb excess moisture.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Use tempered or double-triple-glazed windows, which provide excellent insulation and reduce heat to prevent moisture.

Professional Help

If it is difficult for you to repair mold, then consult with the mold expert to get things sorted out in a professional manner.

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Molds are more common during the winter due to the humidity level, bad ventilation system, and variation in temperature (internal and external).

Several methods can be used to knock off condensation in cold weather: use a humidifier, allow the air to flow freely inside the house, install weatherstripping, etc.

If the mold is mild, then wear gloves and use a mask. Prepare the window surface by cleaning, scrubbing the affected area, rinsing it with water, and wiping off any excess water left.

Yes, silica gel, along with mold-resistant paint and caulk, can be applied to windows, which will completely prevent the mold from forming on the window.

If the situation is out of control, then you must seek help from the experts in order to prevent the windows from getting mold.


To effectively prevent and address window mold in the winter, it’s essential to control indoor moisture levels, enhance air circulation, and utilize anti-mold products. Diligently cleaning away any condensation and promptly fixing leaks are key preventive measures. For existing mold issues, a thorough cleanup and expert advice may be necessary. Moreover, investing in high-quality impact windows, such as those offered by Hurricane Window and Screen, can offer substantial protection and improved insulation.


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