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People who live and work in Florida, the rest of the Gulf Coast or the East Coast know that hurricanes cannot be taken lightly. While it’s impossible to stop Mother Nature’s onslaught, it is possible to protect property and people by taking precautions. The most critical of these is having PGT WinGuard windows Miami installed.

Why are impact-resistant PGT windows so important? Because, in the midst of a hurricane, a broken window is far more than a nuisance. It’s a vulnerability that leaves the building’s occupants and contents more at risk for encountering flying debris.

Moreover, as hurricane-force winds exploit the broken window, the pressure within the structure builds. It can become so extreme that the roof is lifted off and the walls are pushed out.

Now, imagine if that window hadn’t broken. This may mean that the roof and walls are still intact. Overall, damage to the structure is minimal and easily repaired.

PGT WinGuard

It’s amazing what a difference PGT WinGuard impact-resistant windows can make.

More than two million of these impact-resistant windows have already been installed in some of the most hurricane-prone regions of the world. Despite constant exposure to extreme weather, no PGT window Miami has failed in the line of duty.

Not one.

How Does PGT Make This Possible?

How does PGT make this possible? Each WinGuard product is made with two layers of sturdy glass. Sandwiched between these panes is a sheet of durable polyvinyl butyral. This material holds the sheets of glass together in the event of an impact that shatters the exterior glass.

The result is that winds and debris cannot reach the building’s interior. That means no build-up of pressure, no roof being pushed off or walls being pushed out.

The success of PGT’s WinGuard impact-resistant windows also lies in the fact that each component has been tested in PGT’s state-of-the-art facilities in the U.S. This ensures that all of PGT’s products meet the strictest codes for hurricane-force winds.

In fact, because PGT is a pioneer in the field of impact-resistant windows and doors, they helped to develop the testing protocols that were required to develop these codes. This means that consumers can trust that their PGT windows Miami meet or exceed code standards so that their property will always be protected.

PGT’s impact-resistant windows are so tough and durable that they protect you all year from burglars. With the addition of vinyl frames and laminated insulating glass, your home gets even more protection. These windows keep exterior noise outside and block most of the UV rays that would otherwise cause fading inside the home or office.

With a wide variety of styles from which to choose, PGT’s WinGuard impact-resistant windows offer the best balance of functionality and beauty.

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