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How Do Impact Windows Work?

Impact windows are one of the best methods of protecting your home during strong storms and hurricanes and are an alternative to protective aluminum shutters or wooden boards. They can also secure your property against burglars and other intruders. Hurricane Window & Doors, a leading distributor of impact windows, can help provide you with the ideal windows for your home.

Impact glass is a technology originally experimented with in the early 20th century for safer car windshields and has now made its way to property windows. Two types of impact glass are available: shatter-resistant film windows and inner-membrane technology, the more popular option. Both types of impact glass provide a shatter-resistant barrier to high winds, flying debris and dangerous increased atmospheric pressure. Installed within strong, aluminum frames, they provide a sturdy barrier to the elements. Shatter-resistant film windows are manufactured with a layer of film on either side of the glass pane, effectively holding the glass inside should it break. Inner membrane windows are constructed with a layer of polyvinyl butaryl (PVB) between two panes of glass. Keeping glass from splintering and scattering by acting as an adhesive.

how do hurricane windows work

Hurricanes are a major hazard and can easily cause millions of dollars in collective damage. A single broken window during a hurricane can shatter the barrier against high outdoor pressures, leading to extensive internal damage. This breach puts the safety of both valuables and lives at risk. But your home does not have to be left unprotected. Impact windows can resist winds up to 200 mph, and Hurricane Window & Doors will work with you to install windows to fit your home and safeguard it from the elements.

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