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What are Impact Windows and Doors?

Impact windows and doors are specially designed and manufactured to withstand strong winds and flying debris during severe weather events such as hurricanes, tropical storms, and tornadoes. They are made of impact-resistant glass or other strong materials that can withstand strong winds and impacts from debris.
In addition to providing protection from severe weather, impact windows and doors can also provide additional benefits such as noise reduction, increased energy efficiency, and enhanced home security. They are available in a variety of styles and designs to match any architectural style or aesthetic preference.
It’s important to note that impact windows and doors are not the same as regular windows and doors, as they undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet specific impact resistance standards, such as those set by the Florida Building Code. These standards include tests for wind pressure resistance, impact resistance, and water penetration resistance. 

How are Impact windows and doors made

Impact windows and doors are made using a combination of specialized materials and manufacturing processes designed to withstand strong winds and impacts. Here is a general overview of how impact windows and doors are made:

  • Frame: The frame of an impact window or door is typically made of aluminum or vinyl, which is strong and resistant to corrosion. The frame is designed to be as airtight and watertight as possible to prevent any air or water infiltration.
  • Glass: The glass used in impact windows and doors is typically laminated glass, which consists of two or more layers of glass with a layer of plastic film in between. This makes the glass much stronger and more resistant to impact, as the plastic film helps to hold the glass together if it shatters.
  • Interlayer: The interlayer used in laminated glass is typically made of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) or SGP (SentryGlas Plus) another popular security interlayer used in laminated glass, with increased strength and security. These materials are used to bond the layers of glass together and provide additional strength and impact resistance.
  • Assembly: The glass and frame are assembled using a specialized adhesive designed to bond the glass and frame together and provide additional strength and rigidity.
  • Testing: Once the window or door is assembled, it undergoes a series of tests to ensure it meets specific impact and wind resistance requirements. These tests may include impact tests, air infiltration tests, and water infiltration tests.

Overall, impact windows and doors are made using high-quality materials and precise manufacturing processes to ensure they are strong, durable, and capable of withstanding the most severe weather conditions. 

Why are impact windows and doors a good investment?

There are several reasons why impact windows can be a good investment for homeowners. Here are five of them:

  • Protection from extreme weather: Impact windows are designed to withstand severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and strong winds. They provide an extra layer of protection to your home and can reduce the risk of damage or destruction during natural disasters.
  • Increased security: Impact windows are made of reinforced glass and are more difficult to break than traditional windows. This added security feature can help prevent break-ins and protect your home from intruders.
  • Energy efficiency: Impact windows are also energy efficient and can help reduce energy costs by providing better insulation and preventing air leakage. This can also contribute to a more comfortable indoor temperature.
  • Noise reduction: The extra layer of glass in impact windows helps reduce outside noise, making your home a quieter and more peaceful environment.
  • Increased home value: Investing in impact windows can also increase the value of your home, as they are a desirable feature for potential buyers. This can be particularly beneficial if you plan on selling your home in the future.
  • Hurricane Windows and Screen (HWS) is one of the best impact windows and doors installation company in Miami Florida. We offer a range of services aimed at helping homeowners and businesses protect their property against the damaging effects of severe weather, hurricanes, and other environmental factors. Overall, the goal of HWS is to provide their clients with high-quality, durable solutions that protect their property and provide peace of mind during severe weather events.

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